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Photoshoot with Caitlin Metz

DSC_0025.1Back in July (yes, July—that’s how far behind on blog posts I am), I had a little rendezvous with my friend Caitlin. When I was getting ready to come home from Brooklyn, she told me that she wanted to get her camera in my face. And it just so happens that I had been wanting my face to be in front of her camera! So we made a plan to grab coffee at The Mud House and take photos around Cherokee Street. And now I want to share a few of my faves…10461970_906749431326_8017077810744840564_nWe didn’t really know what we were doing. We just started walking around and acting kind of funny because it was the first time we had ever for real hung out together. But I quickly warmed up because Caitlin is an amazing director and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.DSC_0203.1Here’s a little trick she taught me: apparently you can get cute shots if you twirl around in a circle while someone snaps a bunch of photos. So I tried it. Cute? Maybe, I don’t know. Kinda dorky looking? Yes. But I like it. We bonded over sharing silly things we do for the sake of a good photo.DSC_0222This next one is in my top three. The texture and color of the brick looks so pretty with the leaves! And the building is just so… grand. I wonder whose apartment or whatever this is. I wonder what they’re doing inside right at this very moment.DSC_0119I love the chartreuse color of the doors in this one.DSC_0194.1We couldn’t have a Cherokee Street hangout without visiting our friend Amy of Paper Boat Studios! She’s moved away since these photos were taken, so I’m glad I got to visit her space one last time before she left. Those cute little paper boats…DSC_0149We also couldn’t resist stopping at Whisk. They have the cutest decor. And cupcakes, duh. Except I got an ice pop that day… It was hot! Also, there was no one sitting across that table from me. I was just smiling at a lady sitting at the next table down. I think we were friends.DSC_0142.1Casually chillin’ on the sidewalk…DSC_0247I love this next one so much that I included the color version of it on my “About” page!DSC_0252My friend Emma pointed out that I look like Madeline the little French girl in this outfit. I didn’t even realize that until she mentioned it, but now I can’t get over it. I made a side-by-side comparison for your amusement, lololol. Now I want to be her for Halloween!DSC_0263.1IMG_3848By the way, Caitlin just got married! Congratulations, girl, and thanks for the beautiful photos this summer. ♥DSC_0369.1That’s all! Next up: Madi Sharp goes back to Brooklyn. (And hopefully there won’t be over a month between this post and the next one.)DSC_0270.1

Meeting Melody

IMG_4780After not blogging all summer, I have some catching up to do. Like I said in my last post, getting yourself to do things is just hard sometimes. Tonight, for instance, I sat down to write about two hours ago, but quickly got distracted by reading an interview with Taylor Swift that somehow led to me watching YouTube videos of Taylor Swift holding said interview while walking through Central Park. (The internet is weird.) Then I spent a while feeling annoyed that I never happened to be walking through Central Park while T-Swift was there. But anyway, this post is not about Taylor Swift. It’s about back in July when I went on a work trip to Atlanta and got to hang out with one of my favorite designers, Melody Miller!IMG_0156If you’re into fabric, or if you’re just cool in any way, you’ve probably seen Melody’s work before. Her pretty patterns make appearances on things that I use daily, like my viewmaster reel phone case. I’ve also made plenty of pillows with her aqua and red clock fabric. This very design is actually part of what got me so totally interested in textiles. I spotted it at Fabric Nosherie, the cutest little sewing shop in Webster Groves, and I fell in love. I had to have it! It was so cool. Same with the transistor radio fabric below. I ended up making a bag with it during summer 2012. Also, like, sorry about how yellow-ish this bag photo is. It’s from way back when people were super into Instagram filters. It’s probably X-Pro, my FAVE filter at the time. I feel bad that I never use it anymore. It’s like an old, forgotten friend. Everyone has a favorite Instagram filter, right? But anyway, yeah. I still use this bag. I even used it when I met up with the designer herself!IMG_2959When I was told that I would be traveling to Atlanta for my first trade show ever, I didn’t really think much of it. Something happened over the next few weeks, though, and it slowly surfaced that I somehow was aware that Melody Miller lives in Atlanta. I think she must have mentioned it on Instagram at some point? I realized this, and I got this crazy idea that I should email her and ask if she would want to grab dinner or something. I was prepared for her to say sorry, no, too busy. I wasn’t expecting anything, but then again I wasn’t really expecting Lotta Jansdotter to email me back when I wrote to her asking for an internship, and look where that got me. I’ve learned that sometimes all you have to do is write an email that you don’t think anyone will ever read, and it could get you a lot further than you think. So yeah, to my surprise, Melody said yes! It was exciting and terrifying. Now I would have to be brave and actually like, talk to her. And also try to navigate an unfamiliar city in order to get to her.

Fabric stash at Melody's house.

Fabric stash at Melody’s house.

Luckily for me, Melody is the nicest person in the entire world, and she picked me up in her car after my show was over one night. We went to a cute little coffee shop/bar place before heading out for Mexican food and margaritas, duh. We talked design, business, insecurities, and life. And it was awesome. I still can’t believe it happened (partly because I was so sleep-deprived from working like a madman that week). I feel like she and I are a lot alike, both having lived in Park Slope for a while and both feeling weird and shy in the same way. I wish I could express how cool and nice Melody is, but I can’t! Too much coolness, too much niceness.IMG_3631The next day, she invited me over for dinner with her and her husband, Greg. I was totally flattered, and so excited to see their house because I knew it would be full of neat stuff, and it was. It felt like being in one of her quilt market booths, because it seemed that every other thing in the house was decorated with something Melody-esque. They poured champagne and Greg made an amazing meal and the cutest little dessert. I even had a look at behind-the-scenes work for new projects she’s working on for her company, Cotton and Steel, and everything was beautiful. In fact, her opportunity to start Cotton and Steel all started with an email. I’m telling you guys, it’s all about the crazy emails.IMG_3707Thank you again, Melody and Greg, for being so awesome to me while I was in town!IMG_3706When I returned home from Atlanta, I was given some time off during the week for “recovery,” since I had been traveling for work. I appreciated this, because work trips are no vacation. They’re a lot more exhausting than you’d think. It felt really nice to be out in the world in the middle of a weekday. I went to Forest Park on a beautiful day, and happened upon this explosion of Radiant Orchid, the Pantone color of the year! Another thing you should know about my trip to Atlanta is that I really, really needed a bang trim. My hair was driving me crazy while I was there. So I got a haircut during my recovery time, too. Days off well-spent, I guess.Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset